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What is the Breed Standard of the Labrador Retriever?

What should we feed our puppy?

We highly recommend a Large Breed Puppy food, it is important for the growing puppy to have a food that has phosphorus in addition to the calcium, too much calcium is NOT recommended for Large Breed Puppies. We currently feed Wellness Puppy & Wellness Large Breed Adult as it seems to meet the recommendations from the two sites below.

Are dogs born with Hip Dysplasia?


Are silver Labradors purebred?​​


Why do I need to wait until 2 years of age before spaying or neutering my dog?


Why leave dewclaws?


How do I crate train our new puppy?


Can I get two puppies from the same litter?


I want to insure my puppy.  What insurance company do you recommend?​​ Offer Code: BR1RL112922


Can we come play with the puppies after they are born?


What is Early Neurological Stimulation?

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